Extreme Makeover: Hallway Edition

Following the renovation the living room we had some extra boards and paint plus with all of the tools still upstairs we decided to go ahead with giving the hallway a facelift. Initially we though a new coat of paint would do the trick, but we had one of our usual conversations that tend to result in more work. This time we came to the conclusion that it could be nice to do some of the corner frame moulding like we did in the living room but with thinner boards as the hallway is much smaller.

Renovating the Living Room

The wife and I had the idea that good project to tackle this past winter was to oil the hardwood floor in the upstairs living room. Of course, to do such a thing require one (me) to remove all the furniture. Once that was sorted we had look around the room and decided the yellow/beige wallpaper wasn't our style and since we had done most of the rest of our house to our liking maybe some new wallpaper or a coat of paint would do the trick.

Bathroom finally finished!!!

After a very long period of start/stop I can finally declare my small upstairs bathroom to be complete. We completely renovated the downstairs of our house last year so we decided to go ahead and replace the pipes to the upstairs bathroom as well (making it non-functional in the process).

Around November of last year I began the process of strengthening/leveling the floor as well as put drywall up on all the existing walls rather than tear them out.

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